Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catcast 49 : Before the move (64Kbs version)

Note: Now catcast will be released in both 64kbs (To save space) & 128kbs(For better audio). But if you ask me, it makes my ears bleed anyway. Also, iTunes subscribers may have both downloading at once, so cancel the one you dont want.

On this episode, I pretty much had to make it up as I went along, as the episode I had planned went completely out the window. It went better than I thought.(Although, was under a bit of stress in the end.Oh well, you get those weeks.)

Band featured this week: Witchclan (UK, Black Metal)
Witchclans website: http://www.witchclan.co.uk/

Songs featured:
Witchclan - Misanthropist (off the album Misanthropist)
Witchclan - Heaven Abhorred (off the album Misanthropist)
Mario Galaxy Orchestra - Battlerock (off the album Super Mario Galaxy OST)


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