Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catcast Episode 51 : Darkland Caravan Saga Marathon

Waring: 200mb file.

I am back. To celebrate, I have put all my recordings from my downtime into one BIG 4 hour super show.

This episode contains; Radio recordings, Unreleased interviews, An alternate recording,My demo album, and stuff that will never be released how it was meant to be.

Love it or shove it.

Interview with Darabka pt 1 (Orginally going to be used for Catcast 51, not this Catcast 51.)
The original Catcast 52
Interview with Darabka pt 2
The original Catcast 53
Interview with Darabka pt 3
Cannibal Otaku : Escape Demo (Available on Cassette tape ;) )
Interview with Darabka pt 4
PCDX Gameplay Series: Yakuza pt 9 commentary
PCDX Gameplay Series: Yakuza pt 10 commentary
Retrokaiser calls into the Escape Show Episode 194 (Alternate recording)