Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catcast episode 6

Episode 6: I made my debut on Gnet radio and boy did things fall apart.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deleted scene: Catcast episode 5

Was going to be the final segment for episode 5, but it never made the cut.

Catcast episode 5

On this episode I'm joined with Cendo & AdamTheHedgehof from neo arcadia podcast.
Plus a surprise guest.

Catcast episode 4

On this episode I'm joined with myself for an all me episode.

Unreleased episode : Fighting games special pt 2

Unreleased episode with special guest Gexup.

The Catcast episode 3

On this episode I'm joined with GexUp of the boochow radio podcast.

Links: soon

The catcast episode 2

This episode I'm joined with DarthHomer of Level 3

Link: Soon

The catcast episode 1

Episode 1 with special guest Critical Failure of Tigerclaw TV.

Tiger Claw TV : http//